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MSE Walls

Precast MSE Walls

Our Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Panels stabilize slopes, retain the soil on steep inclines and maintain the soil under crest loads. The wall face is a precast material that is designed to tolerate differential movement, and the walls are back-filled with granular soil, with or without reinforcement. The reinforced soil mass, along with the facing, forms the MSE wall. 

Advantages of Precast MSE Walls

The main advantages of MSE walls compared to conventional reinforced concrete walls is their ease of installation and quick construction. They do not require formwork or curing, and each layer is structurally sound as it is laid, reducing the need for support, scaffolding or cranes. They also require no additional work on the facing. 

This all translates to increased safety for workers and greater speed of installation. Because precast walls require far less setup, additional equipment and on-site work, labor is less involved and safer. Choose precast MSE walls from Seminole Precast, and choose the money-saving construction products that will drive your project forward. 

Advantages of Seminole Precast’s Precast MSE Walls  

When you choose MSE Walls from Seminole Precast, you get supreme quality and project control. The following attributes of our company account for our outstanding service and unparalleled quality, giving you the best products available:

  • Skilled staff with over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of quality concrete products

  • Third largest producer of MSE Walls in the U.S. 

  • Company capability to convert pour-in-place designs to a precast product

  • Customer focused - partnering with customers to explore economical precast solutions for all project needs

  • D.O.T. certified plants and personnel meet or exceed D.O.T. certification requirements for our array of products

  • High level of activity in local, state and national trade associations allowing for timely sharing of relevant industry information

  • In-house form manufacturing experience allows us to convert specialty precast products to finished product

  • In-house delivery service so you never have to organize third-party logistics