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D.O.T. & Highway Precast Products

Trusted Precast Concrete Supplier to DOT Projects

With our DOT-certified plants and personnel, Seminole Precast offers the highest quality DOT and highway precast products.

Our unmatched line of highway precast products includes the following road construction essentials:

  • MSE Retaining Walls
  • MSE Top Wall Products
  • Sign Foundations

Seminole Precast can drive you to the front of the pack of DOT project bids with our exceptional service and over 20 years of experience manufacturing high quality precast concrete products. Our form maintenance program, product transportation services and on-site storage capacity ensure you get the exact product you need when you need it. Boost your RFQ scores with Seminole Precast as your partner.   

Your Department of Transportation (DOT) Highway Products Manufacturer 

Bring our highway project reliability and consistency to your next project. Having passed rigorous certification requirements for DOT contracts, Seminole Precast melds unmatched service experience with the stringent certifications that make us your go-to manufacturer for FDOT, ALDOT, NCDOT, SCDOT, TDOT and GDOT highway projects. With our Manufacturing Plants and Barrier Services locations throughout Florida and Georgia, our team at Seminole Precast has positioned itself to carry out DOT Highway Projects quickly and far more cost effectively than other precast providers who require longer transports. 

We can safely deliver our certified precast products to jobsites throughout Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama through our carefully planned facilities.

Our company operates facilities in the following Southeast locations:  

  • DeBary, Florida
  • Macon, Georgia

How Do Our Highway and DOT Products and Services Beat the Competition?

Seminole Precast's experienced staff includes engineers, certified QC Managers, certified QC Technicians and senior staff with an average of 20 years industry experience, allowing us to create the highest-quality products demanded by the highway industry. We manufacture our own forms for any mass-produced design needs, lending unequaled consistency and quality to each project’s concrete materials. We also possess the flexibility to convert specialty precast products to finished products for the ultimate in customized service

Active in local, state and national trade associations, we keep on the leading edge of industry developments and trends. And our fully independent manufacturing facilities allow us to quickly develop the latest product design in demand. 

Use our no-obligation, customized quote to consult with one of our experts and find out how we can enhance your bid or proposal.