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Light Pole Bases

Precast Light Pole Bases

Seminole Precast over two decades of experience allows us to offer the highest quality precast light pole bases you can find. Whether you’re installing a light pole for commercial, residential or public use, our experienced staff can show you the exact product that fits your needs. 

Advantages of Precast Light Pole Bases

Our precast light pole bases stand up against the harshest elements and allow for the easiest and fastest installation possible.

The sign foundations from Seminole Precast allow for a fast-drying installation process that eliminates several days of profit-wasting setup, including the following:

  • Field setup
  • Pouring
  • Rebar bending
  • Stripping and rubbing time

Precast light pole bases also eliminate the risk of ground water intrusion that can wreak havoc during the life of the light pole. Our light pole bases arrive on your site ready to set, accelerating project completion and lighting the way to greater profits.