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Pile Caps

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Precast Concrete Pile Caps

Large-scale commercial marine construction calls for precise engineering, the highest grade components and the safest construction conditions possible. Seminole Precast ensures your projects go as smoothly and quickly as possible with consistent precast products, including pile caps. 

Whether you’re completing a multimillion dollar contract for a major city motor traffic bridge or a local pier project for a town’s foot traffic, you can trust the pile caps of Seminole Precast. Decades of experience and a highly precise manufacturing process come together to make us your go-to supplier of pile caps. 

Advantages of Precast Concrete Pile Caps

Precast concrete allows for the careful calibration of material density, weight and strength. Our decades of experience refining marine products, such as precast pile caps, have allowed us to offer you the highest quality materials available. But the quality production of our products isn’t the only benefit of choosing precast. Logistical and on-site advantages of precast also contribute to our value as your precast concrete supplier.     

Besides the issue of product quality with pour-in-place pile caps, transportation of concrete often presents a significant challenge, particularly for large-scale bridge and pier projects extending into deep water. We deliver our products to your site, eliminating the pressure of getting ready mixed concrete to your site within a specific time frame. 

The safety of precast pile caps represents another important reason to forgo pour-in-place products. All construction over water comes with increased risk to workers. Choosing precast materials cuts site construction time and, by extension, the time workers must spend in riskier construction situations. With our products, you simply need to set the pile caps in place. No time consuming on-site set up for pouring and curing.