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Pier and Deck Slabs

Precast Concrete Pier and Deck Slabs

Extensive experience, precise manufacturing processes and cutting edge facilities allow us to craft superior marine precast concrete products, including pier and deck slabs. Our catalog of precast pier, deck and related products include:

  • Floating docks

  • Underwater infrastructure

  • Decking

  • Railings

  • Trench drains

  • Deck panels

  • Seawalls

Advantages of Precast Concrete Pier and Deck Slabs

Besides the variety of precast pier and deck products, the precast production process allows for impenetrable products with supreme longevity and durability. Plus our products can be designed with weight in mind, allowing our precast materials to counteract the buoyant forces of water better than most other materials. Our company’s in-house logistic services also ensure you get your products delivered to you with maximum ease so you don’t waste time worrying about logistics.

Eliminate the challenge of difficult on-site marine concrete work. Choose high density, pre-cured, precast concrete pier and deck slabs from Seminole Precast, and complete your project quicker, safer and with greater confidence in the materials. Only Seminole Precast’s precast concrete pier and deck products provide the strength and stability needed for longtime commercial use in the marine environment.