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Marine Precast Products

Precast Concrete for Marine Projects

Our precast concrete for marine projects lends your project unmatched strength, longevity and reliability. Our experienced staff and careful manufacturing process seals your success with water-resistant precast concrete materials only a few companies can produce. Our facility locations within close proximity to many major ports also cut shipping costs, making our precast marine products the obvious choice for convenience and project management ease. 

Impermeable Products, Watertight Service

At Seminole Precast, we offer you the full array of concrete materials you need to complete your marine project, whatever the challenges. Shore up your project bids with the precast concrete marine products that bear our commitment to excellence, both on solid ground and in the water.

Our array of specially-designed precast marine products includes the following:

  • Pier/Deck Slabs
  • Pile Caps
  • Beams

Unsinkable Maritime Precast Quality

Like all of our precast concrete products, our maritime materials are carefully manufactured in our Seminole Precast facilities. We employ in-house materials specialists and designers to develop the highest quality precast products that will withstand the increased mechanical and natural element strain of maritime applications. Our in-house production allows us to manufacture custom forms when needed. Plus we cut out the middle man, manufacturing and selling directly to you to minimize costs to you. 

Our form design and production teams allow us to design not only the exact product you need, but also to completely control the quality of the manufacturing process. You get consistently formed and cured concrete materials you can stand behind. We rest our company’s reputation on the quality of our precast concrete products, and we are confident in our ability to produce the best maritime precast concrete materials available.  

Even if you are evaluating a precast application for the first time, contact our specialists to see how precast marine products can offer a longer-lasting, more cost-effective alternative to traditional maritime construction materials.