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JJ Hook Temp Median Barrier

Precast JJ Hook Temporary Median Barrier

Whether you’re redirecting the flow of traffic during construction on highways, in parking lots or anywhere else traffic needs to be blocked, Precast JJ Hook Temporary Median Barriers from Seminole Precast Manufacturing, Inc. (SPMI) are your go-to solution when a free standing design is permitted and visibility for the driving public is not an issue. Our 12-foot Temporary Median Barriers have been approved by NCHRP-350 Test Level 3 for maximum impact protection. 

Utilizing the JJ Hook System, these barriers feature self-aligning ends that easily slide into place for effortless installation and removal. Far easier and faster to set up than traditional highway barrier systems, JJ Hook Temporary Median Barriers from SPMI require no additional pins, bolts or other hardware. Installation is safe, fast and easy. Choose the median barriers that require no special tools and no unnecessary risk during setup and removal. 

Advantages of Precast JJ Hook Temporary Median Barriers 

With their ease of installation, fast removal and reliability, Precast JJ Hook Temporary Median Barriers from SPMI are the obvious traffic solution on your next project. We even deliver them directly to your site, freeing you of the difficulties of organizing costly third-party logistics. Take advantage of our highly controlled manufacturing processes to get the consistency and reliability you need in your next project. Secure your construction site with temporary median barriers from SPMI. Rental, installation, relocation and removal services are also available.