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Advantages of a Family Run Business

Advantages of a Family Business

As a family business, we maintain the atmosphere of honesty, integrity and commitment we believe is so important to our company’s success. These principles have directed the team at Seminole Precast since its inception in 1989. Since then, three generations of family members have joined our company to carry on that tradition. 

Seminole Precast’s Extended Family

Our close-knit company atmosphere extends past the leadership offices. We view our employees as part of the Seminole Precast family and are proud to employ an impressive number of long-time professionals. We believe that dedication and loyalty says a lot about our company’s ethics and ability to put forth the highest quality products and services. 

At Seminole Precast, we take great pride in our hard-earned reputation of excellence and will never compromise our principles or services to increase profits. Our goal is to remain a family-owned and operated business that continually invests in the future of our employees through growth and success. We believe our customers quickly recognize this dedication and pride in our company, products and services, which accounts for our continued success and growth.  

Use our free, no-obligation customized quote to price the services and products from our leading precast concrete team and see the difference of a family-run business.  

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